What to Expect

Free Consult

I extend a free consultation to all prospective clients to help us determine if we are the right fit to work together. On this 15-minute phone call, we will explore your reasons for seeking therapy and how I can help alleviate your concerns.

Weekly Sessions

As we meet together for our regular sessions we will start to identify your goals and begin creating an exclusive plan on how best to accomplish them. We will examine your culture and how your upbringing has impacted various parts of your life. We look at the ways your experiences have shaped your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors so we can explore if they serve you and your future goals.


Our first session together will be a full hour and will allow us to get to know each other more. I will ask questions about your past medical and family history and gather details about what brings you to therapy. By the end of this session, I will have learned a bit about you and your needs.


When you have met your goals, we will work together to define when the end of therapy will be and what that will look like for you. Often this means coming to sessions less often until you feel you are ready to stop completely. At the end of our time together, you may have a customized toolbox of skills, books, worksheets, and apps that will help you to continue your journey through life’s many detours and roadblocks.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a joint process where a client works one-on-one with a trained therapist, creating a safe, caring, confidential and non-judgmental space.

The therapist walks with the client as they work through healing and growing; by setting personal goals, exploring feelings, thoughts, beliefs or behaviors, working through challenging past experiences or toward desired change.

Couples & Family

Family therapy is a process which a couple (dating, engaged, married, partnered, or separated) or a family works with a trained therapist to identify areas of conflict, concerns or goals wishing to accomplish. The therapist walks with the clients as they work through healing and growing as a unit. The families exclusive treatment plan will depend on the family's unique experience.

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Women's Coaching

Coaching to improve everyday women’s mental health and wellness.



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