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  • How do I know if I need to see a therapist?
    The basic answer is that therapy might be helpful if you have a problem that continues to cause difficulty in your life or simply bother you even after you have tried unsuccessfully to work through it on your own. There are many reasons you might want to see a therapist. Anything from anxiety, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, health concerns and trauma are just some of the reasons people commonly seek help.
  • How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?
    Each individual is unique, because of this I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet your specific needs. Depending on your specific concerns, we will work together to design an exclusive plan that can be integrated into your daily life. by helping you experience the relief you deserve and reach the goals you have always wished to accomplish.
  • I want to get the most out of therapy. What can I do to help?
    I am so glad you are dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions. Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success. After all, we only see each other for a session a week. It’s the work you do outside of our sessions that will really help you see your personal growth and development.
  • My partner and I are having problems. Should we be in individual counseling or couples therapy?
    If you are concerned about your relationship, and you would both like to work with me, I would initially work with both of you together in couples therapy. After this work, if one of you would like to continue in individual sessions, I could work with only one of you or refer to a therapist that can assist you.
  • What should I do if I'm ready to get help?
    I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine if I would be the best fit for you. You can complete the information at the bottom of the page or call 407-815-5837.
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